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With unmatched coverage reaching masses every day, we provide trusted, real-time news feeds coupled with cutting-edge technology from every corner of India.
We have a deep understanding of your watching preference and promise to deliver tailored news for you and by you at each glance.

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From social content to deeper insights on politics and technology trends, we are here to deliver and make you interact by sharing interesting, entertaining and informative short videos.
A well-curated experience to not only keep you informed but also learn, engage and inspire.

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I really found a place where I can share what I want to. A perfect platform for creators like us

A truly crisp, short and shareable News platform. Super easy to share and easier and entertaining to watch

Now I get my daily dose of News from the Gelos. I don’t need to read lengthy articles or see longer videos, News served in a crisper and shorter video format.

The best thing I like about Gelos that anyone can share the News contents. This has never been possible earlier.

For the first time I have realised that News can also be unbiased. I have seen people around me sharing the News contents on Gelos, which makes News authentic and practical

I post information related to my neighbourhood such as traffic jams, local events, offers in the neighbourhood shops. These contents have been really useful to my followers and viewers.


Why waste time when you can watch,
share & be informed in a jiffy?

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